About Us

The world is full of fascinating products that we have not seen.
We look for the exciting products that enrich your life from all over the world,
and aim to help both creators and users to be happy.

Description of business

Delivering “cutting-edge products” in the world to Japan.

Great products are being developed every day around the world.
Directly negotiating with overseas manufacturers, we import various products that have not been seen in Japan.
We deliver products such as advanced, innovative, interesting, and creative products that enrich your life to customers in Japan.

Making the best use of crowdfunding

We actively take advantage of crowdfunding. 

We will enhance the brand value as well as make products known to as many people as possible through crowdfunding.

Abundant sales channels

We will develop our sales to wholesale to mass retailers, Exhibiting at the trade show、EC sites, and online sales. 

Furthermore, we will cultivate more wholesale customers while enhancing the value of our brand image.


Signed a partnership agreement with Yubiken Co., Ltd., sponsored by the Makuake official ambassador Mr. Hideaki Otake, who has a lot of import and sales record in Japan, We discover excellent products at overseas trade fairs and develop the products until the products create stable sales in the Japanese retail market that is hard to difficult to enter.


Company Profile

Company NameSugimoto Paint Co., Ltd.
Address3-8-9, Inari-cho,Shimada-shi,Shizuoka-ken, 427-0038 JAPAN
PresidentNorio Sugimoto
FoundedJuly 1952.
incorporatedJuly 1985.
BusinessRetail trade/Import business/Export business/Distributor/
Painting business